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Granite Surface Plate Calibration & Resurfacing

Our specialists of granite surface plate calibration and resurfacing received A2LA Accredited to ISO Guide 25 by the A2LA organization. The extensive scrutiny to the A2LA assessors has only enhanced the services of our company.

A2LA accreditation guarantees

  • Customer confidence and security
  • A2La Certified Technicians
  • Documented and rescued uncertainties
  • Traceability
  • Accuracy by continuous equipment maintenance
  • Extensive procedures
  • Meets ISO & QS requirements

Mission Statement: Provide our customers the best in Granite Plate Servicing Available at Any Price. Granite plates are a very special business and we continue to provide our customers with surface plates that are extremely accurate and long lasting.

"Our Specialists Difference"

  1. Surface Plates Are A Very Special Part of Business. All three of our field technicians (minimum 10 years experience) are only involved in surface plates. This insures they maintain the "touch" necessary to provide our customer a quality plate.

  2. Experience. Every technician has gone through an extensive multi year training program. Our three field technicians have over 50  years field experience in a business where "trial and error" are the primary means of education.

  3. We work to a higher standard. The federal specification for surface plates allows two separate repeat readings of 0001" for grade "B", 00005" for grade "A" and 000025" for grade "AA". Any surface plate resurfaced is reworked to the higher standard. Working to these tolerances gives the customer a plate that can be up to 4 times more accurate then our competitors.

  4. Multiple size laps. By using various size laps we attain accuracy that was once thought to be achieved only at the factory!! Our largest lap is 24" X 36" and weighs 350 pounds! The smallest lap we use is 12" X 12".

  5. By combining the highly accurate dry lap method with quality finish of a wet lapped plate we give you a highly accurate, wear resistant plate.


The overall flatness specifications set forth by Federal Specification GGG-P-463c are  three standard grades of tolerance for surface plates as follows:

Grade AA  -  Laboratory:  25 millionths

For high precision operations in consistent temperature gauging rooms and metrology departments

Grade A  -  Inspection:  50 millionths

For general use in quality control areas

Grade B  -  Tool Room: 100 millionths

For shop work and production checking

Join the following growing list of our satisfied customers:

AJL Mfg, Alton Tool, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Corning, NASA, Walt Disney, Coors, TRW, Kennametal, Tyco/AMP, Parker Hannifin, Timken, Westinghouse, GE.

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